All images on this site were scanned from my first childhood diary. No alterations have been made. I was 10 and 11 years old.   

The entries have been slightly re-organized to tell more of a story.


PS - Melissa, I’m sorry for all the shitty things I did & said when we were kids. You are awesome and I love you.

Everyone else, thanks for being such bitches. I wish you all the best.

RIP Ronnie

RIP James


  1. Edition 5 was published in Cringe: Toe-Curlingly  Embarrassing Teenage Diaries and Bad Poetry

  2. Shout out in Things Magazine



  1. 9/16/12 at 7pm “Some of Our Early Work” at PIT

  2. 8/12/12 at 7pm “Some of Our Early Work” at PIT


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